Personalised Practice


Individual 121 Yoga...

...focuses on how you are, what your individual abilities are and what you would like to get from practising Yoga.

I teach 121 Yoga using viniyoga which embraces these differences and allows you to start from where you are and practice and progress in your own time. It is a personalised approach which fits around your abilities, needs and available time. Practice you undertake away from the session is part of this approach.

  • Better assessment of individual abilities than is provided for in online classes
  • Progresses Yoga from a class based activity to a personalised practice
  • Good for covering aspects of Yoga that you would like to explore
  • Develops your Yoga through individual coaching
  • Individualised home practice  which fits in with your schedule

Monday 9am -1pm

Tuesday 9am -1pm

Friday 1pm - 4pm