Personalised Practice


Individual 121 Yoga...

  • Embracing the differences of the individual

  • deepening your practice

Individual yoga focuses on how you are, what your individual abilities are and what you would like to get from Yoga practice.

If you are a committed practitioner of Yoga and are looking to deepen your understanding, then developing a practice to use at home is key.

I teach 121 Yoga using viniyoga which embraces individual differences and emphasises individual teaching. It is a person centred approach which fits around your abilities, needs and available time. Working with a teacher is invaluable because the teacher will see things in your practice and in you from an outside perspective which you can’t see.

  • Deepening your Yoga practice with a personal approach is not like practising to YouTube - it is designed to fit you and your needs

  • Develops depth in your Yoga through individual coaching

  • Bespoke home practice which fits in with your schedule

  • One hour session costs £47. Sessions arranged at intervals (monthly works well) to allow for time to use the practice and develop in it.

  • Face to face sessions are preferable but sessions can be conducted via Skype if you are not local to Amersham

Monday 9am -3pm

Tuesday 1.30pm -4.30pm

Friday 9Am - 3pm