Creating Stability DVD

Creating Stability DVD

  • Easy to follow practices for use at home - 4 x 25 minute practices

  • Postures for steadiness and balance of the body

  • Controlled breathing for stability of the mind

  • Relaxation to feel at ease in mind and body

    We all need stability in life, although the demands of a busy life can draw us away from the calm awareness that we have within. These Yoga practices give you a way to reconnect with this awareness, through the body, breath and mind. In this inner space, there are powerful resources that allow for engagement with our innate sense of stability and to use this in life.

    4 Yoga practices

  • Yoga Practice for Stability

  • Yoga Practice for Stability and Strength

  • Yoga Practice for Stability of the Mind

  • Yoga Practice for Stability in Body and Breath

  • plus Guided Relaxation

  • additional features - the ujjayi breath and tree posture variations

    Suitable for people with Yoga experience. These Yoga practices use a focus on breathing as well as postures and may not be suitable for people with health conditions that affect breathing.

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Creating Stability DVD containing 4 video practices.

Yoga practices inspired by the viniyoga approach of combining focused breath and movement and appropriate posture adaptation.