Barbara Dancer Yoga

Workshops 2018

Masculine and Feminine - in Yoga and in Life

Sunday 24th June

Cholesbury Village Hall, nr Chesham 

We identify with gender, in terms of whether we are masculine or feminine, male or female. Yoga uses a model of being alive through a male aspect of consciousness and awareness, and a female aspect of life form and embodiment. Each relies on the presence of the other because without both, there is no existence in this model. Without the female aspect, awareness can not act. Without the male aspect, the life form (person) is inert.

In this workshop, after looking briefly at the model, we will widen these aspects to look at the how masculine and feminine approaches affect us on an individual and day-to-day level. We may feel that society operates on a masculine approach which is unhelpful to those who would operate better in a more female inclusive system. Can we relate to and appreciate what each aspect has to offer? Do we consider one gender to be "better" than the other? Do we have to operate in particular ways? There is currently something of a pendulum swing, but can men feel confident acting in ways that are considered more and less masculine? Do women want to operate in a more masculine way or are both genders striving to find a way of integrating both aspects in the people we are?

Included in the workshop - 2 Yoga practices and session on masculine and feminine aspects in terms of Yogic models and more contemporary issues. Be prepared for some thinking and discussion on this. Coffee and cake break halfway through.

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10am-1pm   £30