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What I do

Yoga has something for everyone and I love to share that with you whether that’s via classes, workshops, articles or retreats.

Continuing to learn and furthering my knowledge and understanding has been a lifelong passion; it could be an addiction! and one that I’m happy to follow. Whatever we do in work or leisure, if we have a strong connection to that subject or activity, its a joy to be doing that.

After many years of practice (still practising though!) and study, I recognise that its a privilege be part of a chain of knowledge and understanding that links both backwards and forwards in time.

As a science graduate, I love adding some nerdy scientific stuff in there but also I love the experiential, personal quality of yoga that’s beyond words. In addition, yoga is a beautiful mix of the poetic, the creative, the sensory and the logical and I look forward to sharing that with you.

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Joining a class allows you to practise Yoga and learn about Yoga in a friendly, relaxed group atmosphere.

Choose a class to suit you from beginners classes, continuer classes, gentle classes and specialised back care courses.


1 to 1 Yoga and Yoga as Therapy

1 to 1 Yoga is a way of learning and developing your Yoga which encourages to work to your own ability and explore what Yoga offers as a personal and profound practice.  

Yoga as therapy is a personalised way of working with specific health concerns using appropriate and where necessary modified Yoga. Many health concerns or conditions benefit from working with the mind and body together and therapeutic Yoga look at you as a whole person and relates your Yoga practice to fit your needs.



More in-depth learning on selected areas of Yoga which also include time for a well rounded practice session.

Workshops are half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) sessions.

…to Yoga for real life.

…to help you live well in body and mind

…to work with you on health issues that Yoga provides a beneficial practice for

…to give you possibilities in moving positively through the myriad twists and turns of life

If there's something here that interests you, please get in touch and join me in a life that’s lived better with Yoga in it.

The Barn at Chartridge Lodge where Thursdays classes are held

The Barn at Chartridge Lodge where Thursdays classes are held





Yoga & Sound Bath

Sunday 2nd November

6 -8pm The Barn at Chartridge Lodge

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1 to 1 Yoga

Personalised practice…

to work with the body and its needs, to understand and work with the mind and its challenges and to find the authenticity of Self.


Yoga Therapy

I believe Yoga is a process of self-empowerment for every single individual.

The Yogic tradition is a practical approach of developing self-empowerment whilst experiencing the holistic benefits of improved health and well-being in body and mind.