Yoga ...

  • to discover the potential of body and mind

  • improve or maintain health of mind and body

  • to reflect and meditate

  • of living harmoniously within ourselves and the world and people around us

Yoga is about the physical body, the energy we have, the functioning of the mind and how we use all of these to facilitate connection with the deeper aspects of Self. Yoga is a journey of discovery to uncover the essence and potential of being who we are.

my yoga journey

Yoga has woven in and out of my life since the age of 18. After taking classes for a decade or more, I trained to teach Yoga with little intention of teaching! I became interested in the viniyoga approach which is an individual and adaptive approach.  I also became interested in Yoga in a therapeutic context and the possibilities that it offers for improved health.

After nearly 2 decades of working in environmental science and acoustics in a variety of roles, family commitments arrived and I began teaching more Yoga. Alongside this, I volunteered time into The British Council for Yoga Therapy, which promotes the improvement of training standards in Yoga Therapy and was Chair of The British Council for Yoga Therapy from 2013-16. I’m currently on the committee of this organisation and part of the team that assess Yoga Therapy training for accreditation.

Yoga on a personal level, means getting onto my mat to practice and finding the support of connection to inner awareness. There’s also the on-going and more challenging translation of that into day-to-day life.

I am indebted to the excellent teachers that have inspired my desire to know and  understand more about Yoga; there are many but especially Paul Harvey, Ranju Roy and Jane Slemeck.

  • BWY Diploma Yoga Teacher

  • aYs Yoga Practitioner (viniyoga teacher/therapist)

  • Cert-IAYT (Recognised Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists)

  • Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher

  • Committee member of BCYT and former Chair of BCYT

  • Additional training in Ayurveda, Pregnancy Yoga, Counselling Skills, Yoga philosophy, Yoga for MS