Pancha Maya Kosha Yoga Retreat

14 & 15 March 2020

The Barn and accommodation at Chartridge Lodge, Chesham, Bucks HP5 2TU

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breath | relax | move with freedom | be nourished | be yourself | enjoy

A yoga weekend of peaceful space and learning to explore through experience the pancha maya kosha model in the beautiful, restful environment of the Chiltern Hills and Chartridge Lodge

Experience the potential for new possibilities, insight and understanding through connecting with the unconscious aspects that shape your life.
The focus for the weekend is the timeless teaching of the Yoga Pancha Maya model, that we are more than just the body. We comprise 5 aspects or layers - body, energy, mind, deeper wisdom and bliss - each increasingly more subtle/energetic. The condition of these layers impacts positively or negatively on our experiences and view of life. It offers insight and guidance for establishing wellness at all levels.

By taking time out and relaxing you can deepen your experience and understanding of your subtle self. You will be guided on a journey through these layers with a combination of practices including yoga asana, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, relaxation and energy practices. The practice sessions which include moving mindfully in asana, are suitable for all levels of experience .

On Saturday evening we will use meditative practice to experience the deeper and more subtle aspects of practice and enjoy the beauty of a peaceful evening in the countryside.

  • Learn about the pancha maya kosha model

  • Understand the different layers and their affect.

  • Connect with your body and more subtle layers.

  • Use movement, breath and voice to develop sensory awareness.

  • Replenish and balance energy levels.

  • Experience the connection between your energy and others.

  • Explore the innate capacity of the body-mind for balancing itself.

  • Spend time in nature and connect yourself with the pulse of life.

  • Look at how to bring your understanding of the Pancha Maya into your life.

  • End your weekend retreat with more balance and self-awareness.

Facilitators - Barbara Dancer & Suzan J. Wells

Barbara and Suzan would love to share this weekend with you. Both have a wealth of experience in using and sharing Yoga for health and well-being and in yoga therapy and energy work.

Barbara has 20 years experience of teaching yoga and runs a yoga therapy practice, classes and workshops in Buckinghamshire. She is a former Chair of the British Council for Yoga Therapy and currently sits on their management committee, working towards better understanding and accessibility for yoga as therapy. She studied Environmental Science and then worked in the environmental sector for 20 years and she loves all things outdoors and environmental so will happily take you on lunchtime walks in the area around Chartridge.

Suzan has taught yoga for 15 years and teaches yoga as therapy for groups, individuals and trainee therapists. She found that her talents lay in recognising subtle energy patterns in herself and others and then trained in energy and later sound practices. Suzan is adept at working with and teaching individuals and groups in energy practices for health and well-being and has worked with these both nationally and internationally. She jointly authored the recently published book “Searching… a Peek into the Invisible World of Energy and Healing”, which is a guide to self-healing work and an introduction to many traditional and contemporary energy practices.

Venue: The Barn, Chartridge Lodge, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 2TU

Chesham is situated in the Chiltern Hills - an area of farmland, chalk streams and attractive villages where traditional brick and flint cottages nestle in quiet valleys. Although the location is only 30 miles from central London, it is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and typifies English countryside with its green and rolling hills.

Date: Saturday/Sunday 14 & 15 March 2020

Time: Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm and 7.30 - 9pm in the evening

Sunday 10am - 5pm

There will be short refreshment breaks during the weekend and a longer lunch break allowing time for a leisurely lunch, and to walk, rest or chat as you prefer.

Pancha Maya Kosha Retreat Details

2 days of Yoga practices using body, sound, energy and meditation with Barbara Dancer and Suzan J Wells.

Delicious plant based vegan lunch Saturday and Sunday - in The Barn. Please advise of any specific dietary requirements.

Refreshments during the days.

Breakfast on Sunday morning breakfast in Chartridge Lodge. (Residential only)

Comfortable accommodation in Chartridge Lodge Conference Centre with full use of their facilities - communal areas, bar, restaurant, grounds, as you choose.

Three room options are available at Chartridge - single bedroom, double room or king-size bed.

Enjoy the countryside surrounding the Conference Centre or the scenic gardens within the grounds.


Evening meal on Saturday is not included. Choose your own in Chartridge Lodge’s The Oak Tree Restaurant (modern Indian) or in the bar which serves bar meals.

Residential Package

The residential package contains all of the items, including accommodation on Saturday night at Chartridge Conference Centre with breakfast on Sunday morning.


£250 (single room), £270(double room), £290 (kingsize room)

If you would like to arrive on Friday, please contact and book directly with Chartridge Lodge.

Please advise Barbara on booking if you require a room with more accessibility such as disabled access.

Non-Residential Package

This non-residential option offers the above without accommodation. It includes the Saturday evening yoga and fire ceremony, although attending this is optional if you prefer to travel back to your home base before it gets late.

Cost: £190

Getting there:

Yoga Venue: The Barn, Chartridge Lodge, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 2TU

Accommodation: The Barn at Chartridge Lodge is located within the grounds of Chartridge Lodge Conference Centre, 3 miles from the centre of Chesham.

Chesham is situated in the Chiltern Hills - an area of farmland, chalk streams and attractive villages where traditional brick and flint cottages nestle in quiet valleys.

Chesham is easily accessible from London on the Metropolitan Line of London Underground and a short taxi ride (from outside the Underground station) takes you

to Chartridge Lodge Conference Centre.

Chesham is within easy reach of the M1 at Hemel Hempstead (14 miles) and the M40


Terms and Conditions

Retreat bookings are non-refundable, unless somebody subsequently books your place. In this case, an administration fee of £30 will be deducted. Cancellation, for whatever reason, must be notified in writing by email to Your booking is not cancelled until you have received acknowledgement from Barbara Dancer.

MEDICAL CONCERNS: if you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to practice Yoga, you are requested to inform Barbara by email to before attending. All information is kept confidential.

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