Barbara Dancer Yoga


20170511_091926.jpg Yoga for real life.

To help you live well in body and mind

To work with you on health issues that Yoga provides a beneficial practice for

To give you possibilities in moving positively through the myriad twists and turns of life

If there's something here that interests you, please get in touch and join me in a life lived better with Yoga.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs


Upcoming Workshops


1 or 2 workshops are being planned for Autumn 2018

Watch this space and I'll be adding something here soon.



1 to 1 Yoga

Personalised practice-

to work with the body and its needs, to understand and work with the mind and its challenges and to find the authenticity of Self.


Yoga Therapy

I believe Yoga is a process of self-empowerment for every single individual.

The Yogic tradition is a practical approach of developing self-empowerment whilst experiencing the holistic benefits of improved well-being in body and mind. It doesn’t matter whether the individual is in a state of good health or facing health challenges, there is potential for each person to move in the direction of achieving their greater potential.